*begin once more. [02.02.2016]

There is something exceptionally freeing in deciding to take things in your own hands. And for anyone who spent their entire life in an (over)protective environment, it can be pretty frightening as well. Not long ago, I came to an obvious, belated, but above all, life-changing realization:
''I am an adult.
The only person who can decide what I will be and do and think and say is me.
For the rest of my life I am free and entirely responsible for my own actions.''

2015 was the worst and the best year of my life.
It began with me getting ready for an exchange semester in Prague, Czech Republic. The 129 days I spend abroad were my worst academically, and even though I didn't like the city or the people or the boring University lectures and I only hung out with one (very cool and very British) person, I learned how to be independent and how to distance myself as much as possible from things/places/people that make me unhappy. And that’s exactly what I did, three months later.
After a summer most of which I am trying to forget, I took the decision to quit University. For a long time I'd been feeling that my studies were meaningless, that there were much more important things to do other than memorizing international law cases/ UN Charter articles and writing them down on exam tests.
I also moved countries, because life in Greece is by itself depressing, with or without Uni.
2015 was also the year I changed my lifestyle and way of thinking, thanks to Stoicism and Minimalism. When the Prague semester ended and I returned to Athens, the first thing I did upon entering my apartment was to throw away about 85% of everything I owned. It was more than my now-minimalist self would like to admit but it was one of the most liberating and glorious things I'd ever done. People really don’t need all the stuff  they’ve been taught to hoard/buy/keep ''just in case'', and most of the time they don’t need to ''move to a bigger apartment because the one they live in now is too small''. The apartment isnt' small, your clutter is way too much and all over the damn place.

Moving to another country also helped me distance myself from hurtful people. The same way I got rid of things I didn’t need, I became unavailable to anybody whose shit I couldn’t deal with anymore. I stopped caring because Stoicism taught me that the vast majority of negative situations that happen to me, including other people's (re)actions, are beyond my control and however angry/mad/frustrated I am about them, nothing will change except my own mood. And that to me sounds as stupid as hitting my head on a concrete wall hoping to demolish it.
My family consists of 5 people, and my chosen family consists of 2. I am immensely happy with just them and my bullshit-tolerance levels are lower than ever.

One of the most important lessons I learned after many months of being miserable, is that almost everything in life is a choice. The place you live, the people you hang out with, your job, your opinions and your actions. No one and nothing (including family, friends, religion, societal expectations, political situations or the weather) has the power to stop you from changing, except you.
When I realized this, I became something I never thought I’d be - I became brave. Life is exceptionally short, and my biggest fear is to reach old age and regret things I could do but didn’t.

That’s why recently I’ve been having a lot of ideas for things I want to start doing: Blog and film videos more regularly, volunteer at an animal shelter, open my own business, learn more languages, travel. Some of these things I never imagined I’d do or even enjoy in the first place, but really, how do you know whether you like something if you don’t try it? (which, as a fussy eater, was something I was told a lot when I was a kid)

So this is where I am now. I will be using this blog not only as a space to write thoughts and opinions, but also as a journal of my progress into all the things I want to accomplish.

Here's to new begginings.